WordPress is a free online tool for the creation of websites. It is an essential blogging source. It has the best features for Content Management System (CMS). It comes with numerous features that allows for its customization.

The appearance and performance of the site can be altered using by themes while the contents and information remains unchanged. WordPress was launched in May 2003 and has since had millions of users.

Understanding WordPress is easy if you can dedicate at least an hour a day to it. If you have the basic internet skills and can follow instructions, then you are good. This article will provide you with the basic information to get started on WordPress.

What can WordPress do?

WordPress has become the easiest tool for you to launch a blog and become an internet master. There are so many features that you can explore to give your site the look and functionality you desire.

WordPress can be applied to a variety of websites. It can be used for blogging, business, news, ecommerce, membership, photography, and music websites.

How to get started on WordPress

WordPress is free. You can download and install WordPress by visiting WordPress.com or WordPress.org. Now that you have gotten your platform, you should choose your domain name and hosting. Domain is the address of your website while hosting will ensure that your site is found online.

How to customize WordPress

WordPress features endless possibilities. You can increase your site’s performance and functionality by utilizing the features in the various themes and plugins on WordPress. Free themes and plugins are available in WordPress.org. These plugins allow you to add spell check capability, weather report and much more to your site.

You can customize your WordPress site by creating pages, Site title and tagline. WordPress comes with a built-in comment section that allows your users to communicate with you. You can set up navigation menu which will enable your users to reach different pages of your website easily.

WordPress Themes

Another important feature for customization of your site is the themes. These are special templates that is used to control the appearance of your website. There are numerous free themes that matches with your site’s requirements and appearance. Choose a theme that favors your site’s niche.

How to add content to WordPress

The two default content types for WordPress are post and pages. Post makes up a blog and contents appear based on the date of its posting. Paging on the other hand is static such as privacy policy page, about page etc.

WordPress allows your posts to appear on the first page or any page of your website.

To add content, head to pages, and click on add new page in the Admin area. Here, you will be redirected to the page editor screen.

Start by providing the page with a title. Then you can add you content in the text editor section. You can add links, images, videos and audio in to the content. This process can be repeated for adding other contents to your website. Be careful to save all your work to prevent your data from being lost.